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Risk and Data Genius Intern – PénTech Solutions


The Problem

Have you ever run out of money before the end of the month? We’ve all been there and know how frustrating it is, counting the days and hours until your next salary arrives… But it’s not just us: one in three Hungarian SMEs is experiencing liquidity issues, which hinders their operations and growth. At PénTech we are developing a solution for them, so that they can apply for financing simply, quickly and cheaply.


The Hero

We want you to help us build our credit scoring model. To do this, it’s useful if:

  • You are familiar with (credit) risk and data science
  • You know Excel beyond the “sum” function, and if you’re not shocked to use Python
  • We can trust you to read and understand research reports written in English
  • You don’t mind working in a more free / less structured working environment
  • You have a hobby. (We’ll have plenty of interactions with robots once they take all our jobs.)


The Crew

After working in the background for a year, we founded PénTech in 2019, and in this year’s Fintech Show we received the most promising fintech company of the year award. We have a blend of experience and expertise, ranging from strategy consulting, risk & financial analysis, IT development & data science and law – you will be part of this team.


The Challenge

We’d like you to help in the following:

  • Credit scoring: formulate and test hypotheses (from the problem through data cleaning and structuring to building and documenting the model)
  • Fraud prevention: fraud risk analysis
  • Research: researching in the field of risk management, and writing articles
  • Photocopying (jk, we don’t have a copy machine)


The Prize

We love building new things – and this is what we offer. You can work on things we wish we could’ve worked on when we were looking for internships. And though we’re referring to an internship here, we’re keen to continue working with good people.


The First Task

If you are interested, please send us your CV and cover letter in English to the ngpluslondon@gmail.comPlease refer to the position and company in your e-mail.